Monica Wehby gets help from GOP gay-rights group tied to Wall Street billionaire

Posted on: October 29, 2014


A super-PAC founded by Wall Street billionaire Paul Singer, who has spent millions of dollars trying to get GOP candidates to support gay rights, has come to the aid of Oregon Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby.

The American Unity PAC says it is spending $100,000 on cable TV to air a new ad praising Wehby as someone who supports diversity and will work across partisan lines if elected to the Senate.

Wehby has touted her support for gay marriage as a major example of how she would be an independent figure in Congress.  She has also supported federal legislation — sponsored by her rival, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore. — that would bar discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Singer was a major fundraiser for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012 and was also a key contributor to New York legislative races as part of the drive to win the passage of legislation there allowing gay marriage.

At an event earlier this year honoring layers Ted Olson and David Boies for their work on the legal fight for same-sex marriage, Singer said:

New Yorkers understand on a fundamental level that marriage equality—securing for gays and lesbians the basic right to have their relationships and families recognized as a part of a community—makes all of our communities stronger.


SIDE NOTE: Two other new contributions from the community of billionaires to Oregon politics:

–Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given another $400,000 to the campaign supporting Measure 90, which would create a nonpartisan “top-two” primary system in Oregon.  The billionaire founder of the financial media firm bearing his own name has now given a total of $1.65 million to the campaign.

–A political committee tied to the family of the late Peter Lewis, who became a billionaire in the insurance business, has given another $350,000 to the marijuana legalization campaign.  New Approach PAC has now given the Yes on Measure 91 campaign a total of $850,000.

— Jeff Mapes


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