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Founded in 2012 by some of the Republican Party’s preeminent supporters, American Unity PAC is a federal independent-expenditure only committee (super PAC) that is registered with the Federal Election Commission and is focused exclusively on protecting and promoting candidates for U.S. Congress who support freedom for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

A Letter from Tyler

As conservatives, we believe strongly in the American Dream. Too often, government serves as an obstacle to prosperity—confiscating our wealth with escalating taxes, strangling our businesses with burdensome regulations and undermining our economy with unsustainable spending and increasing uncertainty. For Americans who happen to be gay or transgender, it goes one step further, denying them the same freedoms and responsibilities extended to every other taxpayer.

Increasingly, Americans are seeing their gay and transgender friends, family members and neighbors as fellow Americans who deserve of the same dignity, rights and responsibilities under the law. Following last year’s monumental Supreme Court decision affirming the constitutional freedom to marry in all fifty states, this sentiment is clearer than ever, but we recognize that there is still much work to be done to secure equal opportunity for every LGBTQ American.

Full LGBTQ freedom cannot be achieved without authentic Republican support, and it’s more important than ever to build a pro-freedom majority in the United States Congress. That’s why American Unity PAC works to elect Republicans to Congress who believe in freedom for all Americans, and that freedom includes liberty from government overreach into our businesses, into our checkbooks and into our families.

The American Dream belongs to all of us. Building the best future for our country, and for our party, requires us to stand on the right side of history, offer all Americans an equal opportunity to succeed and defend the principle so eloquently espoused by Vice President Dick Cheney: “Freedom means freedom for everyone.”

Please join us as we work to grow and defend the number of pro-freedom Republicans in Congress.

Tyler Deaton
Senior Advisor

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